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Library folder repacks for books on tape or CD


    Audio repacks
Item # 1304 (repack example).
Sturdy CD repack folder with multi CD pockets.
Some audiobooks are packaged by the publisher in flimsy cardboard or plastic, unsuitable for libraries. Where the packaging of an audiobook is flimsy, lacking in durability, or otherwise unsuitable for libraries, Soundbooks offers libraries the option of having their ordered titles repacked into durable library folders, ready for processing. Each of the folders/caddies features a clear overlay sleeve which protects the artwork.

Multiple-CD audiobooks have the CDs stored in non-stick Tevlar double-sided pockets, secured by metal ring binder.

Various formats and sizes of these repack folders are available.

Download the full list of repacks including prices for your information.

Can an audiobook on audiocassette be repacked? Yes. Both CD and cassette formats can be repacked into strong library folders.

Are repacks available for book + cassette or book + CD readalong packs? Yes. The book and its accompanying audio CD or cassette can be repacked into a specially designed durable folder.

Can audiobooks on single cassette or single CD also be repacked if we want? Yes. Special durable folders are available for any optional repack of audiobooks on one cassette or CD.

Can an audiobook on as many as 25 CDs be repacked into a single folder? Yes. There is a specially sized durable folder for audiobooks consisting of more than 20 CDs.

Do the repacks include the artwork for these audiobooks? Yes. The original artwork plus spine label is included. For readalongs, colour copied artwork of the title is included.

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Please note: price are listed in Australian dollars and include GST. Prices subject to change without notice.
Minimum deposit $20 required when ordering titles not in stock. (Non-refundable for cancelled orders; refundable if title unobtainable.)
UA = unabridged, word-for-word

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